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Specialised Crankshaft and Industrial Shaft

Rebuilding and Reclaiming

This specialised process and world-class equipment has the ability to repair crankshafts back to OEM specifications, providing our customers with up to 75% saving against the cost of most new crankshafts

This unique department is able to rebuild and repair a multitude of crankshafts and industrial shafts back to precise OEM specifications including:

  • Main and conrod journals

  • Snout and gear positions

  • Flywheel and seal positions

  • Keyways and counterweight positions

Our welding and reclaiming processes include submerged arc, arc spray, powder flame spray, MIG and TIG welding. All shafts are carefully inspected, surveyed and assessed prior to passing each component for repair. Continual assessment and thorough testing is maintained throughout each process including final testing and certifying. We guarantee each repaired shaft.

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