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Engine Rebuilding and Dyno Testing

Engine Rebuilding

Our business provides complete engine rebuilding and dyno testing for all diesel and gas engines up to 4500HP (3355kW). Following the inspection, survey, testing and precision machining of your diesel engine components, Lovick Diesel Engineering can expertly rebuild your engine to the latest exacting standards and guidelines, ready for renewed optimal performance.

Every engine is quoted after inspection and survey. Our quotes are very detailed and outline all parts, machining and labour required to recondition and rebuild the engine to meet or exceed OEM standards.

All engine components are thoroughly cleaned, inspected, tested and surveyed against OEM specifications. Full assessment of every component in the engine, including the smallest parts, is completed to assess the overall condition of each engine. Worn parts are replaced with new OEM or OEM-equivalent parts as preferred by the customer. Major core components such as head/s, block, crankshaft, conrods and camshafts are serviced and machined as required. Every component must, at a minimum, meet the OEM specifications.

Additional rebuilding services include the complete assessment, reconditioning and rebuilding of the following parts:

  • Water pumps

  • Compressors

  • Auxiliary drives

  • Hub assemblies

  • Inter coolers

  • Oil coolers

  • Flywheels

  • Pulleys

  • Turbos and fuel system components, plus much more

All Lovick Engineering reconditioned engines and components are covered by full warranty for up to 12 months. Field service technicians support our engines throughout the state.

Dyno Testing

Lovicks is fully equipped to complete your engine rebuild package by providing a comprehensive in-house engine testing facility using our recently commissioned dynamometers. These state of the art units allows us to test up to 4500HP and will ensure you are provided with accurate and certified fuel-burn emissions and power figures to achieve the best performance and fuel consumption from your engine right throughout its service life. A detailed report is provided with every engine tested.

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