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Since 1959 Lovick Diesel Engineering has been providing precision balancing for diesel and petrol engines, including high horsepower (HHP) diesels and high performance petrol engines. We are proud to boast the most sophisticated crankshaft balancing department in Australia.

Lovicks understand better than most the importance of ensuring all engines, especially HHP diesel engines used in mining, power generation, marine, construction, locomotive and industrial industries, operate without high frequency vibration. This type of vibration is generally not detectable without the use of precise vibration analysis equipment. For this reason our balancing department is built around very specialised machinery not found in any other engine reconditioning workshop in Australia. We have the latest computerised technology that allows us to balance crankshafts and components to the most stringent tolerances, often exceeding OEM specifications. For this service, we set the standard. We are able to balance all sizes and configurations of engines including inline 4 and 6 cylinder crankshafts V6, V8, V12, V16 and V20 crankshafts including CAT3408 and CAT3508 which require specific tooling and bobweights to enable balancing.

Crankshafts and industrial shafts up to 6m in length and weighing up to 3,000kg can be easily accommodated by our balancing department.

Components able to be precisely balanced include:

  • Crankshafts

  • Pistons

  • Conrods

  • Flywheels

  • Pulley and Balancers

  • Industrial shafts

  • Fans and impellors, and

  • High speed rotating components.

Every balancing job includes a detailed report itemising initial and final tolerances.

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