Welding and Metal Spraying

Lovick Engineering has been providing thermal reclaiming services and technologies to all major industries throughout Australia for over two decades. We specialise in repairing diesel engine components and industrial components. Our unique processes include Thermal Arc Spray systems incorporating precise application to the component via a programmable robot. Our robot is the only one of it’s kind in Australia being used for this application. We also provide powder flame spray, thermal cold spray, submerged arc welding and TIG and MIG welding services.

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Our years of experience with these specialised processes ensures that every customer receives the most precise repair including final machining to OEM specifications. Our processes are recognised by, and have been provided to, numerous OEM dealerships including Caterpillar, Detroit, Cummins and Komatsu. Each component is carefully assessed, surveyed and quoted prior to our customer’s approval to proceed with the repair. Components are repaired back to original OEM specifications. We also restore engine block deck heights back to original new height. Our repair processes and machining capabilities include repairs to flat services and recesses as well as ID and OD positions. The benefits to our customers include savings of up to 75% against the cost of new components, repair to new OEM specifications, fast turnaround, valuable components are returned to service that would have otherwise been thrown to scrap.

Components that we can provide thermal reclaiming and coating services for include, but are not limited to:

  • Cylinder block repairs and restoration to top deck/s, main tunnels, damaged bores, main caps, thrust positions, mounting areas and pan rails, plus more

  • Crankshaft seal areas (also see Crankshaft and Industrial Shaft Rebuilding and Reclaiming section)

  • Drive line and transmission components

  • Hubs, yokes and torque converters

  • Stators and armatures

  • Housings and end plates

  • Seal and bearing positions

Submerged Arc Welding

This process provides an economical repair and rebuilding procedure for severely damaged ‘rotating’ components such as crankshafts and industrial shafts. It is a ‘full fusion’ process that restores the damaged area back to original size, structure and tolerance.

Arc Spray

This process provides an economical repair for the reestablishment of worn or below tolerance components such as cylinder block top-decks, bores, mounting and mating faces on engine components as well as industrial components including castings and housings. We have the only robot in Australia specifically tooled and programmed to fully restore block top-decks back to new deck height specifications. This fully computerised robot can be programmed to undertake thousands of different welding functions.

Powder Flame Spray

This process provides a fusion bond of the parent and weld materials. Predominantly used on castings where high loading and wear resistance is required.

Thermal Cold Spray

Our technically trained welders and boiler makers are able to precisely and carefully weld various alloys and many different types of components using these welding processes.


Our technically trained welders and boiler makers are able to precisely and carefully weld various alloys and many different types of components using these welding processes.


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