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General Engineering

While state of the art engine reconditioning remains the key focus of Lovick’s services, we are extremely well equipped to service and repair many types of industrial components and ancillary engine parts such as shafts, water pumps, turbines, sumps, housings, hubs and assemblies.

Our general engineering, machining and repair services apply to industrial parts of all types and sizes and include:

  • CNC and NC machining
  • Industrial shaft reclaiming and welding, keyway repairing and machining
  • Shaft and impellor balancing and straightening
  • Machining of housings and castings of all types
  • Crack testing and repairing for housings and castings
  • Specialised welding services including submerged arc, powder flame spray, arc spray, MIG, TIG and hard-facing

General engineering and universal machining of housings, transmission and drive line components, seal and bearing positions, plates, plus more.