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About Us


Lovick Engineering is one of Australia’s longest established diesel and natural gas engine reconditioning companies. Our internationally recognised processes, state of the art equipment and highly skilled staff are unmatched in Australia and we are proud to operate a quality management system that is certified by SAI Global Quality Accreditation to ISO 9001: 2008. View our Quality Accreditation certificate here

Founded by Jim Lovick in 1959, J. Lovick Engine Reconditioners started operations in a backyard garage but soon grew to become one of the largest full service engine reconditioning shops in Australia. That original business specialised in the reconditioning of petrol engines as well as small diesel engines. Since that time, many thousands of engines have been reconditioned and shipped throughout Australia.

John Lovick bought the business from his father Jim in 1988 and since this time has continued to grow and adapt the business to suit different markets, industries and clients. Since 1988 the business has specialised in the machining and rebuilding of diesel and gas powered engines up to 4500HP and including all configurations up to V20s.

John Lovick has over 32 years of experience in the diesel and gas powered engine reconditioning field and takes a ‘hands-on’ approach to the daily operations of the business. Along with our dedicated team of specialist machinists, technician, diesel fitters and parts professionals, Lovick Engineering is well equipped to service all industries and clients where specialised machining, repair and component reclamation, engine rebuilding and engine dyno testing services are required.


State of the Art Machinery

Our company is well known for having the best engine component machining processes and engine rebuilding systems available in Australia. We have the latest and most accurate machining equipment and specialised tooling, including CNC machine tools, to ensure the most exacting tolerances, finishes and quality of repairs for all components and engines.

Unrivalled Experience

Our team of dedicated and highly skilled technicians includes diesel fitters, first class machinists, toolmakers and welder/boiler makers. We are proud of this experienced workforce and their commitment to providing our customers with the highest level of quality service with each task undertaken.

Central Location

We are conveniently located in the large regional city of Orange NSW, which allows us to easily service a broad range of industries throughout NSW, QLD and wider Australia. Industries serviced include Mining, Oil and Gas, Civil Construction, Rail, and Marine.

Transport Service

We operate a fleet of freight trucks from 4 tonne to 24 tonne capacity. These trucks are dedicated to transporting your engine components to and from our workshop, state wide including QLD. This in house transport service provides our customers with a safe and efficient door-to-door service that minimises downtime and removes the risk of loss or damage to the engine or components.

Interstate freight services can easily be arranged on our customer’s behalf should they be located outside our route.

About Lovick Diesel Engineering

With over 50 years industry experience, Lovick Engineering is proud to be one of Australia’s longest established diesel and natural gas engineering, machining and engine rebuilding companies.

Our company services all industries that rely on the efficiency of diesel powered equipment including the oil, gas and power generation industries operating gas powered engines. We are a regional based business employing a dynamic team of highly skilled machinists and diesel technicians. Having invested in world-class equipment and machine tools we are able to provide a service and quality of workmanship unrivalled in Australia.

No matter what size your job – if you rely on diesel or gas powered engines – look to Lovicks first.